Sailing is one of the few leisure activities which not only improves your mental and physical fitness; simultaneously allows you to be with nature in its purest form. Whether you’re sailing with family for pleasure or doing a competitive race, you’re in midst of waves, water and wind. If you’re lucky, you get kissed by sea gulls!

However, if getting kissed by sea gulls is not your idea of fun; there are certain health benefits like better sleep, balanced levels of Serotonin (chemical linked with mood and stress), increased secretion of endorphins (natural chemicals in our body designed to make us feel relaxed and less stressed).

If you’re brimming with health and beauty, how about adding some glamour with the surf without the costs attached, by sailing a Seabird class or a Lightning class of boat. If you have heard stories about sailing being expensive, it’s one of the popular myths which is only partly true. Luxury yachts are indeed expensive. But sailing a dinghy or getting a club membership is not. It’s very pocket friendly. Click here to check the membership details and prices.

Then, there is a social side. It’s a great way to widen your social circle, make new friends and promote a healthier way of life.

If you’re still not convinced about sailing and what a fun filled activity it could be, come for a test sail at the Colaba Sailing Club at a nominal cost. Click here to contact us for details.

You would be picked up at Jetty No. 5 which is opposite to the main entrance of the Taj Mahal Hotel, Apollo Bunder, at Gateway of India.

Once you’re on your chosen boat, the tindal (person in-charge of the boat) would rig the boat. Guide you through safety instructions. He would help you wear a life jacket. You are ready to sail, be with the wind and surf. As you would move out away from the jetty, you would pass by some of Mumbai’s oldest lighthouses, sight the Naval base, Sassoon Dock and come across huge ships, cargo liners either moored or heading out to distant lands. If you are the lucky, you would see the frolic of seagulls during your brief sojourn into the Mumbai harbour.

You would also see the beautiful Mumbai coastline lined with Gateway of India, Radio Club, and of course the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel. After the sail, you would be dropped back at Jetty No 5. From here, you can head home for a nice shower or indulge in some refreshing drink at the numerous outlets strewn around the Colaba Causeway.

Welcome aboard.