The Colaba Sailing Club has a large fleet among all the three civilian clubs. Our fleet consist of Seabird class and Lightning class of boats.

Sailing program

A sailing program is brought out at the start of the sailing season in October. It offers sailing activities, such as harbour and overnight cruising, racing and picnic sails for the members. Click here to view the latest sailing program.


Races are helmed by certified trained helmsman or helmswoman. If a member wishes to experience a race, he/she is most welcome. A member just needs to call Mr. Rajan / Mr. Santosh / Mr. Deven with their request to book a berth on a boat that is going racing if place is available. On the racing day, the member has to report at the RBYC sailing room at the specified time told, dressed in appropriate gear which is shorts / track pants, t-shirt, sneakers, cap, sun glasses (optional) and water.

Training programs

There are normally two training programs for beginners / novices in a sailing season from October to May. The first one is held at the start of the season and the second one in January or February. This program provides both practical on water basic training along with classroom theory. Kindly check the Sailing Program for dates. You will learn a lot by regularly going out on the water.

Practice sailing or just cruising

A member can book a boat for a practice sail or just go cruising. The member has to be accompanied by the Tindal (club employee in-charge of that boat), which is mandatory.

Boat booking procedure

A member can book a boat by calling up Mr. Rajan / Mr. Santosh / Mr. Deven in the Sailing Room on 22882788/ 67527259. Please give your name and Membership Number and Club and ask for the boat’s availability. There are no boat booking charges to use CSC boats for day harbour sailing. Overnight like Mandwa / picnics then charges will apply.

Just in case a boat is not available, one can opt for a boat belonging to our sister clubs, The Royal Bombay Yacht Club (RBYC) and Bombay Sailing Association (BSA) at their prevailing rates, subject to availability.

Boat booking starts 5 days in advance at 7 pm for morning / afternoon sails.

Please note that our ferry motor boat ‘Flying Heron’ can be used to ferry you from the jetty to the sailboat and return on completion of the sail at a nominal cost. You must inform this requirement at the time of booking your sailboat.

Use of boat requisition slip

Available with Sailing Room staff to book boats beyond 5 days so that boat will be ready for you on that day.
CSC members can also avail the Club facilities offered by the Bombay Sailing Association at Mandwa, with conditions. For reservations enquire with the Sailing Room staff (RBYC)